Board Meeting 1 - November 2011

Minutes of the first meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 08 November 2011 in Oceanic House.


Mr P Darling – Chairman
Mr B Batson
Ms J Summerell
Mr P Rowley
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw   - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mr K D Sears
Mrs N Rutherford
Mr Guy Longhorn – for item 8

Apologies were received from Dr P Lane and Mr R Wilkie

The Chairman thanked the whole organisation for the sterling work undertaken and commitment shown to achieve the smooth transition to the SGSA.


Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising


The Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee, Mr Rowley thank fellow members for their contribution in the appraisal process of the Board Chairman.   


Chief Executive’s Reports (SGSA(11)01)


The Board noted the content of the report.


The Chief Executive outlined the areas of focus for the SGSA in the international field:

  • Council of Europe
  • UKTI Major Events Strategy
  • Council of Europe/UEFA project
  • CEN
  • RICS


The Board approved and fully supported the proposed direction of the international strategy and considered it appropriate at this stage of proceedings.  The Executive would implement the strategy.


The Executive would produce an information paper outlining the various roles being undertaken by the SGSA within the international field.


Board Activity ((SGSA(11)02)


Following previous discussions, the Board considered a paper outlining a menu of possible Board Member activities.  The proposed activities were:

  • Match visits
  • Other football ground visits
  • Safety advisory groups
  • Other sports/international
  • Conferences and seminars


The Board agreed that this was the right approach and would address their monitoring and governance role. With reference to the  criteria checklist  the Board accepted that this would ensure that any activity would be  necessary, strategic, and proportionate

Mrs Rutherford would begin to prepare a programme of activities for individual Members. The programme would be reviewed regularly and discussed at Board meetings.

The allocation of other sports was discussed. The Members present selected the following sports

  • Rugby League/Union – Peter Rowley and Julie Summerell
  • Motor Sport – Derek Wilson and Julie Summerell
  • Athletics – Derek Wilson
  • Tennis – Derek Wilson
  • Golf – Brendon Batson
  • Cricket – Brendon Batson
  • Rowing – Brendon Batson
  • Horse racing and equestrian – Ronnie Wilkie


The list would be finalised once the absentees had offered their preferences.


The Board discussed the frequency of Board meetings and invited the Executive to put forward proposals for the coming year. It was agreed that full day meetings including presentations and/or other activities would make best use of Board member’s time.


The Executive was asked to assess the viability of using electronic communication for additional Board meetings.


Mrs Rutherford to organise a programme of activities
Mr Clotworthy to investigate use of electronic communication.


Licensing – Burton Albion (SGSA(11)03)


The paper before the Board explained the situation regarding terracing at Burton Albion FC and the issues the Board would have to consider at the next licensing round in 2012.  From the information supplied the Board agreed with the recommendations and would be minded to issue a licence to Burton Albion next year.


Health and Safety Review (SGSA(11)04)


The Board agreed that the policies should remain in place and be signed by the Chief Executive.  A further report would be presented to the Board in 12 months time.


Injury Statistics 2010/11 (SGSA(11)05)


The Board approved the paper and agreed that the headline figures should be published on the SGSA website


Mid year Financial Review (SGSA(11)06)


The Board accepted the statement.




The Chairman and Secretariat would look at the appointment process for Members to ensure the right mix of expertise was maintained.


Date of the next meeting


The next meeting would be held on Tuesday 10 January 2012.



Following the meeting – Mrs Elliston gave a presentation to the Board on Regulatory framework

The meeting closed with a tour of Wembley Stadium


SGSA Secretariat - November 2011