Board Meeting 146 - January 2008

Minutes of the hundred and forty sixth meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 8 January 2008 at Harcourt House, London


  • Mr AJ Speed - Chairman
  • Mr B Batson
  • Miss P Carvell
  • Dr J Dickie
  • Mr J Garner
  • Dr B Robertson
  • Ms J Summerell
  • Mr J Woodrow
  • Mr J R K de Quidt - Chief Executive

In attendance

  • Mr KD Sears 
  • Mrs N A Rutherford

The Chairman paid tribute to John Levison. Members requested that condolences be formally recorded. 

1. Minutes of the previous meeting

  • The minutes of the hundred and forty fifth meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

2. Matters arising

  • The general principle of inviting guest speakers to address the Board had been accepted at the previous meeting. The chairman requested members notify topics and potential speakers well in advance to the Chief Executive. The member should then collaborate with the Chief Executive in the preparation of a background paper to facilitate consideration by the Board.
  • Following the last meeting DCMS had been reminded that they had not published the results of the public consultation exercise on the expansion of the FLA’s role. This has just been received. A summary was circulated for information.
  • The Board were given a breakdown of the ethnic backgrounds of the 45 applicants for the recently advertised Inspector’s post. 

3. Chief Executive’s report (FLA(07)42)

  • The Board noted the details of the confirmed funding allocation for 2008-2011.
  • It was explained that indoor arenas were not covered by the Safety of Sports Ground Act. In the absence of any specific guidance on spectator safety at indoor arenas the principles set out in the Green Guide were commonly applied.
  • The Board noted the current position of the various disputes between police and clubs over charging.

4. Draft FLA Risk Register 2008 (FLA(07)41)

  • The Board were invited to comment on the draft document. Subject to amendments to A1, D2 and D3, all sections of the risk register were approved.

5. Injury statistics (FLA(07)39)

  • It was agreed that publication of the injury statistics should be deferred pending confirmation of the figures for Wembley and the Millennium Stadium and further investigation of the recorded attendance figures. 

6. Any other business

  • Following a focus meeting with Miss Carvell, Mr Sears and Mr Clotworthy, an external communications strategy would be presented to the next meeting of the Board.

7. Date of the next meeting

  • The February meeting would be cancelled. The next meeting would take place on Wednesday 12 March at 10.30am in Harcourt House. For information the April meeting would move to Wednesday 16 April.


FLA Secretariat - January 2008