Board Meeting 147 - March 2008

Minutes of the hundred and forty seventh meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 12 March 2008 at Harcourt House, London


  • Mr AJ Speed - Chairman
  • Mr B Batson
  • Miss P Carvell
  • Dr J Dickie
  • Mr J Garner
  • Dr B Robertson
  • Ms J Summerell
  • Mr J Woodrow
  • Mr J R K de Quidt - Chief Executive


In attendance

  • Mr KD Sears 
  • Mrs N A Rutherford


1. Minutes of the hundred and forty sixth meeting

  • Item 2.3 was amended with the addition of ‘It was agreed that future wording and media selection would be modified to broaden the range of applications’. Subject to this change the minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


2. Matters Arising

  • No items were raised.


3. Chief Executive’s reports - (FLA(08)1) and (FLA(08)5)

  • The Green Guide had been forwarded to DCMS for publication. The Chief Executive thanked Mr Froggatt, Mr Sears and Mrs Rutherford for their significant contribution in producing it. 
  • DCMS had not originally planned to publish the Green Guide on its website. However, it was now considering doing so. Because the document was large and non-web friendly DCMS was contemplating publishing it in four sections. The FLA would prefer the Guide to be viewed as a whole, as a minimum in PDF format. If necessary this could be on a separate website with links into and out of it. The FLA could also publish it on its own website.
  • Should the Private Member’s Bill fail to secure a second reading, the FLA should explore other ways to raise its profile and gain momentum.
  • The review of the policy on the inspectors’ personal Health and Safety was underway.


4. Draft Funding Agreement 2008/09 – 2010/11 (FLA(08)2) 

  • The Chief Executive explained the background to the Funding Agreement and Annual Business Plan. 
  • The Board discussed whether the FLA was fulfilling its obligations to inform the Government on sports ground policy and safety issues. The Chairman and Chief Executive assured Members that the appropriate communication lines had been established and that the FLA was fulfilling its obligations.
  • The Board approved the draft Funding Agreement and agreed that it should be submitted to DCMS.​


Action: the Chief Executive would submit the Funding Agreement to DCMS for approval.


5. Draft Annual Business Plan 2008/09 - (FLA(08)4)

  • The Board approved the draft annual business plan.


​​Action: the Chief Executive would submit the Annual Business Plan to DCMS for approval.


6.  Financial statement at 1st March 2008 and proposed budget 2008/09 (FLA(08)7)

  • The Board approved the statement and noted the proposed budget for the coming year. 

7. Structure of the Inspectorate – strategy(FLA(08)8)

  • The Board considered the proposals that had been put forward by the Inspectorate. 
  • It noted that the paper contained some positive points, for example about job enrichment, further training and about the inspectors helping to identify how to apply a lighter touch. However, the Board did not accept the main thrust of the paper which it did not consider compatible with the strategic direction of the FLA as set out in its proposed Funding Agreement and Annual Business Plan.
  • The Board therefore reaffirmed its strategic guidelines, on which management, in consultation with the Inspectorate, should now work up the details.


8. External communications strategy - (FLA(08)6)

  • The Board discussed the external communications strategypaper. It agreed that the next steps to be considered would be:
  • The publication of the Green Guide
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions) section for the Green Guide
  • links to and from other websites
  • the purchase of a range of more obvious URL

Action: Miss Carvell, Mr Garner and Mr Sears would identify how implement these.


9. Injury statistics -(FLA(08)3) 

  • The Board noted the content of the paper and agreed that the injury statistics should be submitted to DCMS and published on the FLA website.


Action: the Chief Executive would submit the injury statistics to DCMS and publish them on the FLA website.


10. Any other business

  • A concern was expressed about the limited response to the public consultation on the expansion of the FLA’s role.
  • Dr Robertson offered his apologies for the May meeting.


11. Date of the next meeting

  • The next Board meeting would be held on Tuesday 13 May 2008 at 10.30am in Harcourt House.


FLA Secretariat - March 2008