Board Meeting 148 - May 2008

Minutes of the hundred and forty eighth meeting of the Football Licensing Authority held on 13 May 2008 at Harcourt House, London


  • Mr AJ Speed - Chairman
  • Miss P Carvell
  • Dr J Dickie
  • Mr J Garner
  • Ms J Summerell
  • Mr J Woodrow
  • Mr J R K de Quidt - Chief Executive

In attendance

  • Mr KD Sears 
  • Mrs N A Rutherford

Apologies were received from Mr B Batson and Dr B Robertson

1. Minutes of the previous meeting

  • The minutes of the hundred and forty seventh meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

2. Matters arising

  • All actions set at the last meeting had been cleared. 
  • The restructuring review was proceeding as planned and the Inspectors would be discussing job descriptions at their May meeting. Members would be kept fully informed of developments. The Board suggested a plan and timeframe of the review would be helpful.
  • The Chief Executive summarised the statutory remit of the FLA. 

3. Chief Executive’s reports

  • The Board discussed the two reports.
  • The Green Guide was entering the final phase of publication. The target date for publication was early June.
  • The Board considered the need for an annual Green Guide seminar. Although time and resources were stretched, the opportunity to raise the FLA’s profile should not be missed. The Board agreed that the FLA should seek to develop an annual Green Guide seminar. Mr Sears would explore the options of delivering the seminar.

Action: Mr Sears to explore the options of delivery. 

  • The Board were disappointed that the Football Spectators and Sports Grounds Bill had failed to secure a second reading. However, it was reassured to learn that DCMS would continue in their best efforts to secure another opportunity. 
  • Mr Woodrow pointed out that the audit committee should have been consulted in the appointed of internal auditors. This oversight would be brought to the attention of the Office Manager. 

Action: The Office Manager to be reminded to include the Audit Committee in discussions when reappointing internal auditors.

4. Draft Annual Review of Performance

  • The Board suggested the letter accompanying the Annual Review of Performance should have a more positive tone. The Chief Executive would amend the letter to reflect this. 
  • The Board approved the draft Annual Review of Performance. 

Action: The Chief Executive to amend letter and submit letter and Annual Review of Performance to DCMS

5. Any other business

  • The Board sent their best wishes to Mr Beaumont following his recent operation.
  • The Chairman confirmed that the process of recording European visits in the Chief Executive’s report was correct. However to keep the Board fully in the picture, the information provided would be in greater detail. 
  • The Chairman requested that the issue of increasing transport costs and mileage allowances be looked at.

6 The date of the next meeting

  • The meeting scheduled for June would not take place. Therefore the next meeting would be Tuesday 1st July at 10.30am in Harcourt House


FLA Secretariat - May 2008 

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