Case Study - Bahrain

An image of the Bahrain International Stadium Site

In June 2006 the SGSA was asked to visit 7 sports venues in Bahrian, including two that were under construction, to identify safety deficiencies and to make recommendations to improve spectator safety.

Inspections were carried out over an eleven day period.  The team found that all the venues had been built to recognised standards but that the management of the venues had, by default, been undertaken by police.

Recommendations included:

  • Establishing safe capacities
  • Installing effective turnstile and CCTV systems
  • Developing safe operating procedures
  • Creating a dedicated control point within the venue
  • Instigating a training programme for venue managers and stewards
  • Publicising and enforcing standard venue regulations
  • Consideration of legislation clarifying the venue operators’ responsibility for safety

A detailed report outlining the team’s findings and recommendations was prepared and delivered to the Bahrain government for their consideration. Following those recommendations will provide Bahrain with international quality venues that could attract major tournaments.