Case Study - Euro 2012 - Poland & Ukraine

An image of the National Stadium in Poland

UEFA’s 14th European Football Championship (“EURO 2012”) was held in Poland and Ukraine from 8 June to 1 July 2012.

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority were asked by UEFA to assist Poland and Ukraine in putting in place systems and procedures aligned with European best practices for the delivery of a safe and secure championship.

Working with our partners, we delivered 3-day tailored training courses in Poland and Ukraine for local authorities, the police, venue managers and others with responsibility for safety and security during the tournament.  This was followed up by a joint review with UEFA of arrangements in place through match inspections in each host venue.

Each of the 7 stadiums inspected received a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvement.

The reports enabled UEFA to work with the venues against a set of recommendations to ensure improved venues and management. The Polish and Ukraine Local Organizing Committee, benefited from receiving a good practice audit of each venue’s infrastructure, safety systems and safety management, along with the training of key safety personnel responsible for safety at the Tournament.

The training courses covered topics such as:

  • Integrated Safety Management
  • Working Relationships
  • The Statement of Intent
  • The Operations Manual
  • Risk Management – Practical Application
  • Fire Safety Risk Management
  • Developing Safety Policies
  • Planning for Spectator Safety
  • Calculating safe capacity
  • Nature and purpose of pre-match and match day inspections
  • Developing an inspection checklist

The match day inspections concentrated on:

  • Communications;
  • Fire;
  • Ground conditions;
  • Medical provisions;
  • Attendance;
  • Stewards;
  • Event log;
  • Event monitoring;
  • Policies and documentation, and
  • Access for all.