Green Guide - Paragraph 11.2

Barrier tests – records

Detailed written records should be made and kept of all observations, loadings and deflection/recovery readings in respect of each barrier tested. The documentation should include a standard record sheet including the following information:

a) the identity of each barrier tested
b) its location, including a cross-reference to the ground plan
c) the date of inspection
d) all relevant results and comments arising from the test
e) a clear statement as to whether the barrier has passed or failed.

Table 11-2

Angle of terrace or viewing slope Horizontal Distance Between Crush Barriers
5.0m 4.0m 3.3m 3.0m 2.0m
10° 4.3m 3.4m 2.9m 2.6m 1.7m
15° 3.8m 3.0m 2.6m 2.3m 1.5m
20° 3.4m 2.7m 2.3m 2.0m 1.3m
25° 3.1m 2.5m 2.1m 1.8m 1.2m
Horizontal Load Imposed 5.0 kN/w 4.0 kN/w 3.4 kN/w 3.0 kN/w 2.0 kN/w