Green Guide - Paragraph 11.10

Crush Barriers – Height and Positioning

Research has shown that in order to locate the top rail of a crush barrier against that part of the body most able to tolerate pressure, and to accommodate a typical range of spectators, a reasonable height for the top rail is 1.1m.

Note, however, the need to evolve a management strategy for the safe accommodation of children, for whom the recommended barrier height might actually constitute a hazard (see Section 13.24.i of the Green Guide).

An image showing taken from the green guide showing the positioning and height of crush barriers​For new construction: as illustrated in ​, to allow spectators sufficient room to stand safely and comfortably behind a crush barrier, new crush barriers should ideally be positioned immediately in front of a terrace step's riser, or if not, at the front of a step. In both cases, the 1.1m is measured from the step on which the spectator stands to the top of the crush barrier's rail

For barriers installed prior to 1997 a range of heights between 1.02m and 1.12m measured from the step to the centre line of the top rail, should still be regarded as acceptable.

However, any crush barrier not meeting the height requirement should be removed and replaced, or modified.

If the positioning of existing crush barriers leaves insufficient room for standing on the same step, as illustrated in Diagram 11.4, the height should be measured from the step immediately behind and the area of the step should not be included when calculating the available viewing area.