FAQs - Why does the SGSA continue to advise that changes to safety certificates must be advertised in the local press?

The advertising of such changes is a legal requirement imposed on local authorities under the provisions of Safety of Sports Grounds Regulations 1987 and the Safety of Places of Sport Regulations 1988.

As those regulations were drafted before the introduction of the internet the SGSA recently asked DCMS if local authorities would be able to discharge their statutory obligation to advertise changes to safety certificates on their web sites. The department’s legal advisor responded advising that:

“As soon after a local authority makes a decision to issue, amend, or refusal to amend or replace a safety certificate, it is required under Regulation 5(5) of the 1987 Regulations to publish “in a newspaper circulating in the locality of the sports ground to which the safety certificate relates a notice setting out that decision”.

Accordingly, as the law stands, the notice must be published in the local paper to be effective. However, I can see no reason in principle why the local authority could not publish the notice on their website but it must be in addition to publishing the notice in the local paper rather as an alternative.”