FAQs - What action should ground management take to ensure that concourses remain free of slip hazards?

The SGSA publication “Concourses” provides guidance. In section 7.3 of this publication it is stated that:

The flooring of concourses should be easily cleaned and slip-resistant. Where a risk assessment indicates that there is likely to be a wet or dry contamination on any internal or external floor surface it is recommended that a suitable non-slip surface is provided. 

Advice on the design, procurement and cleaning of non-slip surfaces is available on the Health and Safety Executive web site. Further technical advice is contained in “Safer surfaces to walk on – Reducing the risk of slipping” published by the Construction Industry Research Information Association.

Advice on testing the slip resistance of flooring, either to validate the manufactures claims or to evaluate how the flooring is performing under wear from traffic, is available in “The measurement of floor surface slip resistance: Guidelines recommended by the UK Slip Resistance Group”.
Further advice on prevention of slip hazarded can be sourced from the Health and Safety Executive web site. Links are provided below.


The HSE also provide a slips assessment tool (SAT) which is a freely downloadable computer software package that allows an operator to assess the slip potential of pedestrian walkway surfaces.