Alan Coppin SGSA Chair

Alan Coppin joined the SGSA as its new Chair on 1 April 2015.

Thank you to Paul Darling, who has been an exceptional Chair. He has served the SGSA with passion, integrity and committment and leaves the organisation in a stronger position than when he started. He will be missed by everyone in the organisation and the wider sporting community.

The SGSA would like to welcome Alan Coppin as its new Chair. Alan has extensive experience in industry including 10 years at Wembley where he was Chief Executive. There he experienced firsthand the work of the FLA, and comes to the SGSA with some knowledge and a great deal of enthusiasm for its work. Whilst Alan is a passionate football fan, he is eager to learn about the extensive work that goes on behind the scenes. Alan is keen to spend time meeting with clubs, sport, local authorities and industry to find out what is involved in ensuring spectators have a safe and enjoyable experience at all sports grounds.

One of Alan’s first tasks will be to recruit a new Chief Executive for the organisation. Further to her annoucement in January, Ruth Shaw’s secondment is coming to an end and she will be returning to Whitehall in May. Ruth has been responsible for the transformation of the organisation enabling more sports and countries to benefit from its advice, guidance and expertise.

An acting Chief Executive from within the SGSA will be appointed prior to Ruth’s departure and you can be assured that it will be business as usual during this time.

Applications for Chief Executive are now being invited. Applicants with a commitment to the SGSA’s ethos of education, advice and assistance, who involve others in decisions but can make decisions independently, are optimistic and realistic in the pursuit of new opportunities and inspire confidence and build trust are encouraged to apply. Closing date for applications is 24 April 2015.

Full job specification and application details.