Injury Statistics 2013/14

A pie chart showing a breakdown of injuries to spectators by division

At the end of each season as part of the licence application, we ask all the Premier and Football League clubs and international grounds to provide details of the number of spectators treated for injuries at football matches at their grounds.



2013/14 Football Season 

  • The number of reported spectator injuries for 2013/14 season was 1088, a 13% increase from the 965 reported in 2012/13.
  • The reported overall injury ratio per spectator was one injury per 31,300 spectators. 
  • The total number of injured spectators reported taken to hospital was 64, compared with 77 in the previous season. 
  • Overall most injuries were minor and were treated by the sports ground medical team. The highest category, as in previous years, was injuries resulting from trips, slips and falls.

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