Response to Welsh Conservatives call for “safe standing” pilot scheme in Wales

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority acknowledges the Welsh Conservatives call to introduce a pilot scheme to test rail seating.

The SGSA believes there are a number of questions that need to be discussed before consideration is given to a pilot scheme. These include questions around crowd management, safety and security.

There are a number of practical aspects to consider such as the effect of standing areas on the safe capacity, whether standing areas would be provided for home and away fans and what the impact on inclusion and accessibility would be (for example provision for disabled fans, people of short stature and small children). Standing areas can present particular safety challenges around crowd management, movement and migration.

The SGSA recognise that there are some fans who may prefer to stand, our view is that seating is generally safer, more comfortable and enables more effective crowd management. It can also help to create a more inclusive and diverse environment.

Keeping spectators safe at sports grounds should be the overriding objective of any future discussions.