Rolling Review

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In addition to the ongoing monitoring undertaken by our Inspectors through their attendance at meetings of the Safety Advisory Group and match day visits to the ground, the SGSA also undertakes more systematic reviews of particular aspects of a local authority’s sports grounds safety function as part of a rolling review. 

The 2014/15 rolling review focused on the topic of business continuity and resilience planning due to the number of local authorities who had expressed challenges around budget cuts, change of SAG chairs and gaps in training and experience. This issue has also been reflected in local authority regional group and joint chairs meetings.

A number of questions were developed in order to obtain the thoughts of new SAG chairs on their role, the resilience management in place, the training they had received along with perceived training requirements, and effects of budget cuts. A total of 9 replies out of the 12 new chairs identified were received and we would like to express our thanks to these local authorities for taking the time to complete our questionnaire.

As a result of this rolling review we have taken a number of steps to assist those SAG chairs who are new to the role.

The SGSA has developed an SAG Chair Induction pack. The pack has information about the SGSA and our regulatory and support role as well as links to important documents covering a number of spectator safety related issues. This induction document can be found here –

New SAG Chair Induction Document - pdf

New SAG Chair Induction Document - word

To assist local authorities develop appropriate policies and procedures relating to sports grounds safety functions, or to review existing ones, the SGSA produces guidance which explains what should be included. This includes a section on resilience planning which may help to ensure plans are in place for a continued service when key members of staff leave the organisation.

The policies and procedures document can be found here-

Developing Policies and Procedures - pdf

Developing Policies and Procedures - word

Inspectors regularly attend local authority regional meetings. Such meetings can offer an opportunity to provide training and stimulate discussion around key areas of the safety certification role. The SGSA is therefore developing a series of bespoke training packages which could be delivered by the local inspector as part of a regional meeting. The packages will include - P and S factor assessments; capacity calculations; risk based certificates; resilience planning; legislation and enforcement.

As always the SGSA are open to any further suggestion or practical ways we can help local authorities carry out their sports ground safety function and these can be fed back through your local inspector or to our head office.