Sports Grounds Safety Authority to be retained as an Independent Body.

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority Logo

The Government has announced that the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) will be retained as an Independent body.

The SGSA was under threat of merger as part of the reforms of Public Bodies Act. A review of the reform has been published today which confirms the decision to retain the SGSA as an independent body. This decision recognises the vital work of the SGSA in keeping spectators safe at sports grounds across England and Wales and beyond.

The SGSA celebrated its third anniversary last week and has changed the way spectator safety is viewed around the world. Since being granted additional powers in 2011, we have promoted and shared good practice across sports and internationally and have evolved from an organisation focused entirely on football to one whose influence now extends across a range of sports and countries.  

The next three years presents us with an opportunity to expand our work across more sports for the benefits of all spectators. The news comes at a time where there are emerging threats to spectator safety. A recent spate of unmanned aircraft flying over stadiums and the increasing number of pyrotechnics being used at football matches are both issues that have safety risks for spectators.

The SGSA will continue to play a pivotal role in identifying and coordinating responses to new threats and work with partners in the UK and abroad to drive up safety standards in all sports grounds.