Stewards at Grimsby Town Football Club are a Winning Team

Newly qualified stewards at Grimbsy are presented with their certificates

Over the past three years, Grimsby Town Football Club has supported over 50 stewards achieve more than 100 accredited qualifications in topics ranging from customer service and spectator safety, to equality and diversity.

The successful steward training programme continues to go from strength to strength as new courses are added to the club’s education portfolio. Together with its official training partner Mitre Group, Grimsby Town has recently introduced further programmes that will allow stewards to gain new skills in areas such as management and team leadership as well as build on core subjects including maths, English and ICT.

These programmes are designed to ensure stewards have the necessary skills to maintain a safe stadium for fans on match days, while also focusing on skills to support the stewards’ career development both within and outside the club.

Nick Dale, Grimsby Town FC Stadium Manager, comments: “We’re really proud of everything our stewards have achieved to date and the success of the training programme we’re able to offer. Working with the experienced team from Mitre we’ve built courses that reflect the needs of our stewards and local community. The trainers have taken the time to get to know the club inside out and build long-lasting relationships so we’re able to open up new opportunities for every member of the team. Training has been delivered at no direct cost to Grimsby Town Football Club however the cost benefit is unmeasurable. We firmly believe that you get out of people what you invest, with the success of our people being key to the transformation of our organisation.”

In order to maximise the time stewards spend at the ground and minimise the impact of training on other commitments, all courses are designed to fit in with the club’s fixtures. Stewards are able to attend training sessions and catch up with their tutors on the morning of home games, something that has proved popular with learners.

As well as adding new training opportunities to the programme it delivers, Mitre is also working with a small group of experienced stewards from the club to train them as assessors who can then support their colleagues as they work towards new qualifications.

“By up-skilling people from within the Grimsby Town family to become qualified assessors, we can make sure that we continue to provide the right qualifications delivered in the right way for the club,” explains Jennie Bowmer, Managing Director at Mitre Group. “The key to the success of the programme at Grimsby has been the enthusiasm of the club and the stewards and this has been reflected in the take up of courses and the fantastic pass rate.”