New Guidance for Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds

The front cover of the SGSA Publication Alternative Uses

The latest guidance from the Sports Grounds Safety Authority is now available.

Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds provides much needed advice for sports grounds hosting concerts, religious gatherings and other events that differ from the usual sporting events held at a ground.

As artists and promoters seek to reach a wider fan base, sports grounds are increasingly viewed as ideal concert venues as they have excellent facilities, are able to hold large numbers and are experienced in managing crowds.

Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds guidance fills a gap in guidance and reflects the changing demands of industry. It is designed to ensure the safety of all spectators and is especially relevant when considering using the field of play as a seating or standing area for spectators.

The guide addresses the essential elements needed to plan for a successful and safe event. It covers legislation, the roles and responsibilities of people and agencies involved in the project, event and venue design and overlay, use of the field of play (pitch or sports activity surface) as viewing accommodation, existing spectator accommodation and the development of an event specific operations manual to support the safety management plans for the sports ground.

Key factors for consideration when hosting an alternative event at a sports ground;

  • The site plan - take account of the additional equipment and resources needed to support the activities or event.
  • Calculating the safe number of people who can stand on the pitch or field of play.
  • Determining the appropriate crowd densities for standing areas on the pitch or field of play.
  • Barrier layouts to be determined by the age profile of the anticipated audience.
  • Preparation of the Event Operations Manual (Event Safety Plan).
  • The impact of enhanced sports presentation for some sports.
  • Integrated safety management planning.
  • Introduces the Last Mile model of crowd management.

Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds is designed to be used by a competent person with experience of spectator safety and read in conjunction with the Green Guide and Safety Management.

The Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds guide like all the other SGSA Sports Grounds and Stadia publications, expands upon the strategic and high level guidance set out within the Green Guide and Safety Management.

If you have a responsibility for planning, promoting, managing, hosting or overseeing concerts and events held at a sports ground, this guidance is essential reading.

Alternative Uses of Sports Grounds can be purchased for £30 plus £3 postage and packaging within the UK, £10 postage overseas from the SGSA website

Please note, pre-ordered copies of the guidance will be sent out this week.