National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) tells sports grounds to be alert not alarmed

In a briefing to the Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) and its partners, NaCTSO provided the latest information about the current state of the terrorist threat in the UK.

The current warning remains at SEVERE, as it has been since August 2014. This means that an attack is highly likely.

Whilst not specific about when this might occur, NaCTSO said that crowded places remain a target for terrorist activity.


Their advice to sports grounds was clear;

  • Be vigilant. Be alert, not alarmed.
  • Visit the NaCTSO website for the latest advice.
  • The Police are reviewing security plans and in some cases there will be an increase in highly visible armed officers.
  • Sports grounds have good security measures in place and this should continue. These measures should be constantly reviewed and assessed.
  • Ensure staff and stewards are aware of the need to be vigilant and look out for suspicious behaviour.
  • Spectators should be encouraged to arrive early at events.
  • You can set up a google alert for the NaCTSO website which will update when new guidance or advice is available.
  • Report any suspicious activity to Counter Terrorism or call 999.

Useful websites 

Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. Advice on threats and security planning.

National Counter Terrorism Security Office. Advice on protecting crowded places from terrorism.

Counter terrorism protective security advice for stadia and arenas

The SGSA is working with partners in Government, NaCTSO, UK Police Football Unit, the football authorities, sports and other partners to ensure the safety of spectators remains a priority. The SGSA will continue to update when we have further information.

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