Board Meeting 16 - November 2014

Minutes of the sixteenth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 11 November 2014 in Fleetbank House.

Mr P Darling (Chairman)
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane – via telephone link     
Mr D Wilson
Ms R Shaw  (Chief Executive)

In attendance
Ms C Hale – for items 5, 8 and 9
Mr G Longhorn – for item 4
Mr K Scott – for item 8 (via telephone link)
Mrs N Rutherford


Apologies were received from Mr P Rowley and Mr R Wilkie


Register of interests


The Board members present updated and signed their individual register of interest. Members who were not present would receive theirs by e-mail for updating.



Minutes of the previous meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.



Matters arising


No matters were raised.



Oral update from the Audit and Risk Committee


Mr Longhorn updated the Board with the discussions and conclusions from the recent Audit and Risk Committee meeting. This had included amendments to the risk register and business continuity plan.  The Board noted the contents of the midyear financial review.



Oral update from Chairman and draft  role specification


The Chairman wished it to be recorded that discussions had taken place with DCMS to agree the appropriate way to announce that the future of the SGSA had been secured.  An announcement had been made by Written Statement to Parliament on 10th November and key SGSA stakeholders had been informed through a special edition of the newsletter or by letter.



The draft role and specification for the new Chairman was agreed and would be sent to DCMS for approval.  It was suggested that a reference to succession planning and the role of the Chief Executive should be added to the specification.



Chief Executive’s Reports  SGSA(14)15 & 16


The Board noted the contents of the reports.



The Chief Executive reported that Bristol City had decided not to install rail seating as part of the redevelopment of Ashton Gate.



Summary of injury statistics for the 2013/14 season  SGSA(14)17



The Board approved the paper, noted the content and agreed that the headline figures should be published on the SGSA website. 


The increase in the number of injuries resulting from being hit by footballs should be brought to the attention of the Inspectorate for further discussion with clubs and local authorities.


Green Guide revision SGSA(14)18


The Board gave consideration to the paper before them.  In discussion the following points were raised:


  • Any rewrite or revision of the Green Guide should not affect the current status or position of the guidance.
  • Whilst an electronic issue was desirable the needs of the users must be considered.
  • The project could be funded by using some money from our reserves but this would require permission from DCMS.
  • An 18 month to 2 year timescale was realistic with external professional assistance, though this should be accelerated if possible.
  • Developing an accreditation scheme would require further discussion.



The Board agreed that the Chairman should seek a meeting with DCMS Ministers to discuss a range of issues including future funding arrangements and the revision of the Green Guide.



Communication update SGSA(14)19


The Board welcomed and accepted the paper.  The Board noted the emerging themes and suggested that accessibility be added to the list. It approved the proposed ‘quick wins’ and thought it was a sensible approach to seize opportunities when they arose. Whilst it agreed that the short and medium term activities were capable of adoption, the long term activity of developing an accreditation programme would require further discussion and the Board requested a discussion paper for a future meeting. It was noted that there would be overlap between this work and the work of the Green Guide review scoping team.



A  paper on ‘accreditation’ options should be prepared for discussion at a future Board meeting



Date of the next meeting


The scheduled date of the next meeting was 13 January, but the possibility of holding the meeting to coincide with the Inspectors meeting would be explored and details would be confirmed.   


SGSA Secretariat

November 2014