Board Meeting 18 - March 2015

Minutes of the eighteenth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 27th March 2015 in Fleetbank House.

Mr P Darling (Chairman)
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane via telephone link
Mr D Wilson
Mr R Wilkie
Ms R Shaw (Chief Executive)

In attendance
Mrs C Hale – for item 3
Mr G Longhorn

Apologies were received from Mr P Rowley


Minutes of the seventeenth meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.



Matters arising



There were no matters arising.


Conference debrief










Mrs Hale showed a video of ‘vox pops’ from the SGSA’s Conference on 17th March and reported that the feedback had been overwhelmingly positive. She reported that the day involved 124 delegates, 23 speakers, and 18 members of the SGSA team. The breakdown of delegates includes 36 from local government, 10 from police, emergency services and NHS, 24 from industry sectors, 64 from sports and 13 from other groups, including fan groups, universities.



There had been a positive impact in terms of social media including an increase in the number of followers.



Executive to circulate the corporate video and vox pops to Board members.



Chief Executive’s Reports


The Board noted the content of the two reports. In the context of the additional capital expenditure Mr Wilkie asked whether the IT roll out would be accompanied by training for staff members and was assured it would be. He also asked for the information security policy to be tabled at the next Audit and Risk Committee meeting.


Mr Longhorn to table the information security policy for the next Audit and Risk Committee.




2015/16 Budget (SGSA(15)06)


Mr Longhorn presented the budget showing the significant reduction we would face in 2015/16. For the first time we would have to factor in receipts in order to meet planned expenditure. The Board noted the paper and approved the approach. Mr Wilkie asked whether the Executive had had further discussions with DCMS on cost recovery. Ms Shaw confirmed that a letter had been drafted for the Chairman to send to DCMS on financial flexibilities including cost recovery, licence fee review and future funding of the Green Guide. The Board agreed this should be sent immediately.



The Chairman to write to DCMS on financial matters in line with conversations at previous Board meetings



CEO handover planning (SGSA(15)07)



The Board agreed that the Chief Executive position should be advertised externally as well as across the civil service, and agreed the role specification subject to minor amendments.


The Board agreed that the preferred interim arrangement was option two, to identify one individual as Acting Chief Executive. It was suggested that a selection process should include seeking expressions of interest from internal applicants for a decision by the new Chairman in April. Ms Shaw agreed to mange this process as part of a sub-committee with the Chair and one or two Board members (subject to availability). It was suggested that the committee would also then support the Chair in the recruitment of the next Chief Executive.




Use of section 13 powers to insert a condition in a safety certificate (SGSA(15)08)







The Board discussed the paper which had been tabled at short notice on exercising powers under section 13 of the Football Spectators Act. This was the power to insert a condition in a safety certificate. The Board considered the correspondence and discussed in some detail and decided not to exercise these powers in this case.



Ms Shaw to write to Mr Morgan of the Metropolitan Police to communicate the Board decision.



Any Other Business


Mr Wilson asked what consideration would be given to board composition in the future. Mr Darling explained he would be covering this with the new Chairman as part of his handover discussion.



Date of the next meeting


The next board meeting was scheduled for 12 May. It was also suggested that the evening of 18 May (when the Inspectors would next be in London for their meeting) would be used for a welcome/leaving gathering for the Chairmen and the Chief Executive. More details would be circulated in due course.


SGSA Secretariat

March 2015