Board Meeting 19 - May 2015


Minutes of the nineteenth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 12th May 2015 in Fleetbank House.


Mr A Coppin (Chairman)
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane
Mr P Rowley
Mr D Wilson
Mr R Wilkie
Mr Rick Riding (Chief Executive)

In attendance Mrs N Rutherford

The Chairman introduced himself to the Board and welcomed Mr Riding as the interim Chief Executive. The Chairman produced a set of meeting ground rules.



Minutes of the eighteenth meeting


The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman.



Matters arising



It was suggested that a meeting with the new Secretary of State should be arranged once a new 5 year strategic plan had been finalised following the joint meeting in July and this would provide a solid framework for discussion with the Minister. 



Mr Wilson asked had any further discussions or consideration been given to the future board composition. This had not been addressed, but the Chairman had briefly met the DCMS official who would be involved in the appointment process. It was agreed that the Board composition would be considered once the strategic review had taken place. It was suggested that there should be a skills analysis to support the recruitment process in attracting the appropriate expertise. It was further suggested that DCMS stagger the appointments.  The Chairman will lead the discussions with DCMS but Mr Longhorn would liaise with DCMS on process and procedures.




Mr Longhorn to liaise with DCMS



Chief Executive’s reports – SGSA (15)9 & 10







Mr Riding started his report to the Board by thanking Ms Shaw for her significant contribution to the work of the SGSA and producing these two reports before her departure.

The Board noted the content of the 2 reports.



The structure of the joint meeting would be finalised at the next Board meeting.


The Chairman and Chief Executive to meet with Chris Goodger, the consultant appointed to facilitate the review.



Chairman’s update


The Chairman gave an oral update on his introductory meetings and visits.  A further set of meetings had been arranged prior to the strategy review and the Chairman gave the Board details. It was suggested that the PFA, Sport England and Sport and Recreation Alliance should be added to the list. Mr Batson agreed to facilitate meeting with the PFA and Mr Rowley would contact Sport England and the Sport and Recreation Alliance. 


The Chairman then circulated a synthesis of the Madano research which had been agreed by Madano for Board member comment.


The Chairman reported that short listed interviews for the Chief Executive position would be undertaken on the 13th and 18th May. The SGSA panel will comprise himself, Pauleen Lane, Peter Rowley and Nick Pontefract of DCMS.


Mr Batson and Mr Rowley to facilitate meetings.

Board member feedback on Madano research distillation at next meeting. 



Sport priorities SGSA (15)11


The paper updated the Board, who were invited to note the activity since 2011 in relation to other sports and the proposed process to develop partnerships. It was agreed that any firm decisions would be taken after the strategic review.  


Mr Riding to update paper to include thematic trends.



Business Plan (SGSA(15)12)


The Board discussed the plan circulated by the former Chief Executive. It was expected that a new plan would be written following the joint meeting in July.





Dr Lane reported that she would continue to attend Women in Football events.


Mr Wilson and Mrs Storey had met with the UCFB to consider the content of an International Safety Officer qualification and Green Guide Practitioner course.



A supplement to the ‘Accessible Stadia’ guidance document would be published in June.


Date of the next meeting


The next meeting would be held on 9th June to coincide with the Audit Committee and enable the timely approval of the Annual Report and Accounts.


SGSA Secretariat

May 2015