Board Meeting 20 - June 2015

Minutes of the twentieth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 9 June 2015 in Fleetbank House.

Mr A Coppin (Chairman)
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane (by telephone link)
Mr D Wilson
Mr R Riding (Chief Executive)

In attendance
Mrs N Rutherford

Apologies were received from Mr P Rowley



Minutes of the nineteenth meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising



An introductory meeting with the Minister for Sport would take place this week.



The Chairman had held discussions with DCMS on the process and timetable for the appointment of new Board members. The Chairman would ensure that continuity and the appropriate expertise would be addressed in the recruitment process.  



Members were reminded to return comments on the synthesis of the Madano research which had been circulated at the last meeting.



The Chairman and Chief Executive would meet with Chris Goodger, the consultant appointed to facilitate the strategic review, this week to finalise the structure of the meeting.  A draft plan would be circulated to Members.



It was reported that the Chairman had been invited to become an Independent Panel Member for public appointments.



Board member feedback on Madano research distillation

The Chief Executive to circulate draft meeting plan.



Chief Executive’s reports – SGSA (15)13



The Board noted the content of the report.



A meeting with the Qatar Supreme Committee had taken place. They had presented a proposal for the SGSA to support the World Cup 2022 preparations.  It was suggested that should this lead to a formal partnership that the contract should contain all the safeguards to protect the SGSA.



It was reported that The Scottish Football Association (SFA) had said it would seek the views of fans on whether alcohol should be sold at stadiums during matches. It wanted to build a case in favour of lifting the ban. Mr Riding would monitor developments.


Mr Riding to monitor developments in Scotland.



Annual Report and Accounts


The Audit and Risk Committee had met the previous day to the Board meeting. The Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee reported that the Committee had considered the Annual Report and Accounts for 2014/15, had reviewed the findings of the NAO Completion Report including the draft Letter of Representation and Audit Certificate and recommended that the Board approve the document.


The Board accepted the recommendation of the Audit and Risk Committee that the SGSA Annual Report and Accounts should be approved, authorised Mr Riding to sign the Accounts, the Governance Statement and the Letter of Representation and agreed that the Accounts be sent for publication subject to the final approval of the NAO and DCMS.



Licensing SGSA (15)14


The Board agreed in principle that a licence to admit spectators for the coming season should be issued to all clubs submitting a valid application. The Chairman signed the recommendation. A licence for Barnet and Bristol Rovers was signed.



Social Media Strategy SGSA(15)15


The Board were invited to note the content of the draft Social Media Strategy. It was agreed that:

  • any comments of the document should be sent to Mr Riding
  • the document should incorporate the findings of the strategy review
  • the new Chief Executive would re-evaluate the strategy when they were in post.




The SGSA had received a request for advice on the development of the new Casement Park Stadium in Belfast. This was being considered by the SGSA technical team.



A private member’s bill (Accessible Sports Grounds Bill) had been introduced by Lord Faulkner of Worcester.  The Chief Executive was in discussion with him on the wording of the Bill and would take advice from DCMS.


It was further reported that David Conn, of the Guardian, had written a good article on the state of accessibility in Premier League stadiums.  The link to the article would be circulated to Members.


It was noted that the International Project Board (IPB) had not met since December. Mr Wilson would write to the members of the IPB to update them on the SGSA’s proposed strategic review.


The Chairman reported that DCMS had confirmed that the SGSA’s budget allocation of £1,002k for the 2015/2016 financial year would not be subject to a cut.


Mrs Rutherford to provide link to article.

Mr Wilson to update members of the IPB.


Date of the next meeting


The next meeting would be the joint meeting to be held at Wembley on 13/14 July.


SGSA Secretariat

June 2015