FAQs - Should litter bins in sports grounds be secured? Can litter bins be placed on exit routes?

We recommend that litter bins and other waste receptacles are securely anchored. Where grounds are providing unsecured bins, they should review their risk assessment to ensure that adequate control measures are in place both to prevent the misuse of the waste bin and/or its displacement in an emergency.

In addition, the risk assessment should cover the location of all bins and ensure their positioning does not reduce the width of the exit route to an extent where the exit capacity it affected.  Ground management should consider the consequences of using unsecured bins, the placing and size of bins. When securing bins, consideration should also be given to those that incorporate loose metal liners that could be subject to misuse.

Section 7.2 of Sports Ground and Stadia Guide No 3 – Concourses, states “Suitable receptacles should be placed at regular intervals around the concourse, wherever possible, close to the catering facilities. They should be securely anchored to avoid displacement in the event of an emergency and designed to be emptied easily……….. Consideration should be given to recess any obstructions where possible.”

Section 5.10 of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds (Green Guide), states under point f. “containers used to store combustible waste or litter are secure”

This advice relates to bins being secured to prevent them falling over on an exit route in the event of an emergency that could hamper spectators safely exiting a sports ground. It could also be applied when considering the potential use of bins as missiles during a disorder incident.  

This guidance is relevant to all sports grounds and all sports.