Safety Officer Toolbox

An image of a toolbox

As part of our ongoing series of toolbox articles, this month we have included a simple closed season checklist that the safety officer or person with responsibility for P and S factor matters can use to record any tests, inspections and checks that have been carried out. This document is intended for internal use by the sports ground management, however it may be relevant to share the document with the safety advisory group and or the local authority as evidence of the effective safety management systems in place at the ground.

We have included many items that are commonly found at sports grounds. Some may not be relevant to your venue and you may have additional items that we have not included. This is not a definitive list but is indicative of the equipment and processes that you may have at your venue. Please review the form and add or amend to suit your particular circumstances and to reflect the time of year that you undertake your annual internal audit of systems and processes.