Board Meeting 8 December 2015

Minutes of the twenty-second meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 8 December 2015 in Fleetbank House.


Mr A Coppin - Chairman
Mr B Batson
Dr P Lane
Mr P Rowley
Mr D Wilson
Ms K Eyre-White - Chief Executive

In attendance

Mrs N Rutherford

Mr Ken Scott for items 5 and 6


  • Item 4 -The Chief Executive to investigate the use of fold out business cards.
  • Item 6 - The Chief Executive to ensure formal contracts are in place and relevant parties are in agreement, and to update the risk register.
  • Item 7 - Mr Sears to monitor the situation at Adams Park.
  • Item 8 - Mrs Rutherford to arrange publication of the headline figures.


1 - Minutes of the nineteenth meeting


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.

2 - Matters arising


No matters were raised.

3 - Chief Executive’s note – (SGSA (15)22)


The Board noted the content of the paper. In addition it was reported that following the recent terrorist incidents in France, the SGSA had been working with NaCTSO to ensure sports grounds are kept updated. The SGSA had developed some advice with the valuable input from sport and the safety community specifically for sports grounds.


4 - SGSA spending review outcome and strategy (SGSA(15)23)


The Chief Executive updated the Board on the SGSA’s 2015 Spending Review outcome. The Board welcomed the news. The Board were then invited to approve the final version of the SGSA strategy which had been updated to reflect the views of the organisation. The SGSA strategy was approved.


The Board were in agreement that the strategy should be promoted.  It was suggested that it could be publicised in a ‘fold out’ business card format which could also highlight our publications. The Chief Executive would investigate.


The Chief Executive outlined the need for possible organisational changes in order to deliver the spending review settlement. In particular, she would be discussing with inspectors the possibility of introducing a chief inspector role. The Board would be advised of any developments.

Action: The Chief Executive to investigate the use of fold out business cards.


5 - Green Guide (SGSA (15)24)


The Board was invited to consider the proposed plans and timetable for the revision of the Green Guide.  After discussion the Board fully endorsed and supported the production of a rewrite of the Green Guide along the timelines set out. It was agreed that efforts would be made, if possible, to deliver ahead of schedule.


6 - SGSA engagement in Northern Ireland (SGSA(15)25)


Mr Scott introduced the paper to the Board. He summarised the requests for assistance in the Northern Ireland from Sport NI and the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure.


The Board welcomed the fact that the SGSA had been invited to participate in Northern Ireland and agreed with the recommendations in the paper.  However it was stressed that for both projects there should be a clear formal contract agreed setting a specific end date and fees, and clarifying the scope of the role. In addition, for the sport NI project, the executive should ensure all relevant parties are in agreement. The STG project should be noted on the organisation’s risk register.

Action: The Chief Executive to ensure formal contracts are in place and relevant parties are in agreement, and to update the risk register.


7 - Licensing - Adams Park


The Board formally noted that a small area of stepped terracing at Adam Park did not comply with the SGSA’s licensing requirements. Having received assurances from the local inspector, the Board approved the following action:

It does not require an amendment to the current licence issued to Wycombe Wanderer’s but instead would take the same pragmatic approach to the three terrace steps as was taken with a similar issue relating to a level standing area in 2009; and

Instructs the local inspector to make it clear to the club and local authority that if either the zero capacity of these areas or the audience profile changes it could affect future licence considerations by the SGSA.

Action: Mr Sears to monitor the situation at Adams Park.


8 - Injury Statistics – 2014-15 Season (SGSA(15)27)


The Board approved the paper and agreed that the headline figures should be published on the SGSA website.


It was suggested an in depth analysis focusing on the trends should be written. This could be linked to the new outcomes section of the SGSA strategy.  

Action: Mrs Rutherford to arrange publication of the headline figures.

The Chief Executive to commission an analysis of trends for publication after the strategy document is published.


9 - SGSA Accounting Officer (SGSA(15)28)


The Board noted the content of the paper which provided information about the Chief’s Executive’s role as the SGSA’s Accounting Officer.


10 - Any other Business


The Audit and Risk Committee had met immediately before the Board meeting.  The Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee updated the Board with the discussions from the meeting. This had included:

·        Amendments to the risk register and business continuity plan

·        Internal audit review of finance systems

·        Measuring effectiveness as a committee

·        Fleetbank house

The minutes of the meeting would be circulated.


The Chair outlined the procedure adopted for the recruitment process to fill the vacant Board positions.

The diversity of applicants had been limited despite attempts to circulate the advert amongst relevant networks. It would be important to learn any lessons about what we could have done differently in order to inform future Board recruitment.


The Board agreed that the current level of communication was sufficient to ensure that Members were kept informed.


11 - Date of the next meeting


The next scheduled meeting would be held on Tuesday 16 February at Fleetbank House which would be preceded by the Audit and Risk Committee.


The dates for 2016 were agreed:

  • Tuesday 16 February preceded by the Audit and Risk Committee
  • Tuesday 12 April
  • Tuesday 14 June preceded by the Audit and Risk Committee
  • 12/13 September – joint meeting and Board meeting
  • Tuesday 8 November preceded by the Audit and Risk Committee

The Chairman thanked Mr Batson for his significant contribution to the work of the FLA and SGSA over his term of office and offered him his best wishes for the future. A presentation followed.

Mr Batson expressed his gratitude to all for the support, fun and achievements he had experienced during his time with the FLA and SGSA. 

SGSA Secretariat

December 2015