Board Meeting 12 April 2016

Minutes of the twenty-fourth meeting of the Sports Grounds Safety Authority held on 12 April 2016 in Fleetbank House.


Mr A Coppin - Chair

Dr P Lane

Ms S  Johnson    

Mr D Mackinnon

Mr D Wilson

Ms K Eyre-White  Chief Executive


In attendance

Mrs N Rutherford

Ms C Hale – item 5 – telephone link

Mr R Riding for item 6 – telephone link

Ms S Legg – observer

Apologies were received from Ms J Cook, Mr P Kolvin and Mr P Rowley




The paper on licence fee options to be circulated to Members once sent to DCMS



‘Fresh Mind’s’ proposal to be circulated.


Finalised Conference programme and speaker’s biographies to be circulated.


Each new member to write an article for SGSA newsletter.




Conflicts of interest


Mrs Johnson identified a possible conflict of interest with her role as a Commissioner on the Equality and Human Rights and the SGSA review of its accessibility role and the Public Sector Equality Duty.



Minutes of the twenty-third meeting


The previous minutes were corrected to:


2.1 Dr P Lane stated that she was an employee of the Planning Commission Inspectorate and therefore had contact with Mrs Johnson in that capacity.


The minutes were then agreed and signed by the Chair.



Matters arising and action log



 It was reported that Mr P Rowley had been appointed by the Chair as the Lead Non-Executive.



It was reported that Mrs S Johnson and Mr D Mackinnon would join the Audit and Risk Committee.



It was suggested that potential sponsors for next year’s conference be identified as soon as possible.



The Chief Executive reported that the action to manage the lack of capacity calculation documentation was underway, with all inspectors letter sent.  The response was being monitored as to whether any intervention was required from the Chief Executive.



Chief Executive’s Report



The content was noted but in discussion the following points were raised:


  • Hillsborough Inquests - The jury had retired to consider their decisions. As part of its preparations for the conclusion of the Inquests, the SGSA had provided a briefing document to the media setting out the improvements to spectator safety which had generated some interest. The SGSA was also in contact with DCMS and the Home Office and had sight of DCMS’ core script on the topic.


  • Licence Fee review – the SGSA are preparing evidence for a review of the licence fee. Members requested a copy of the review of licence fee options to be circulated once sent to DCMS.


  • Spending Review – Mrs Johnson suggested that the Audit and Risk Committee should consider the risks associated with the recent spending review.


  • The Chief Executive reported that ‘Fresh Minds’ had submitted a proposal for the commercial consultancy project. The proposal would be circulated to Members for information.


  • It was announced that Mr K Scott had been appointed to the role of Chief Inspector.



SGSA Conference 2016  - Spectator Safety in a changing World



Ms Hale explained the role of the Board Members at the Conference:


  • Network and build relationships with stakeholders


  • Further your knowledge of sports grounds safety sector


  • Listen and understand the challenges stakeholders face ; and


  • Provide some support in the break out workshop sessions which are each being led by an inspector.


The draft programme was circulated and it was agreed that once finalised it would be sent to Members along with the speakers biographies.


Green Guide update


Mr Riding updated the Board on developments following the conclusion of the consultation exercise. The working group had begun to consider the comments submitted.  Mr Riding also reported that Mr Simon Inglis had been commissioned to edit the 6th edition of the Green Guide.


The Board were reminded of the aims of the Green Guide rewrite Project workstreams:


Project 1 will be the main working group looking at the technical rewriting of the Guide.


Project 2 will focus on how the new guide is ‘packaged’ and delivered to the consumer, for example whether it should be available in a digital format, potential charges, copyright and translation opportunities.



Licence procedures for 2016


Mrs Rutherford gave a simple summary of this year’s licence process:


April: letter and application forms sent to the Chief Executive (copied to the Club Secretary).


June: Licences considered by the Board at the meeting.


July: Licences signed by the Chair and one Board Member and officially sealed.


July: Licenses posted to all 94 stadia.



New board members – feedback on induction and initial reflections



The new Members present agreed that the induction package was excellent and fully met the needs of an incoming Board Member. Mrs Johnson reported that undertaking a match visit with an Inspector provided an important insight into the work of the SGSA.



Mrs Rutherford reminded Members that the next suitable meeting of the Inspectorate which they could attend was 16/17 May.  Mrs Johnson confirmed that she would be attending on the first day.





Mrs Rutherford suggested that each of the new Board Members should consider writing an article for the SGSA newsletter. It could focus on their vision, expectation and background. All were agreeable.


Mr Wilson had written to all the participants of the International Project working group to update them on the SGSA’s international plans.




Date of the next meeting



The next meeting would be held on Tuesday 14 June preceded by the Audit and Risk Committee (Board meeting starts 1.30pm  - sandwich lunch at 1pm)





The non-executive members of board met for closed session.