A Wider Definition of Safety

The SGSA has launched a two-part consultation on the regulation system and is inviting stakeholders to share their views on the on the implications for local authorities, sports grounds and other stakeholders.

The Consultation

Today, our system of safety regulation is one of the most robust in the world, with local authorities working in partnership with sports grounds to ensure the safety of spectators remains a priority. We should take confidence in that strong foundation, but never let it hold us back from being flexible to today’s challenges.

One of the SGSA’s roles as a proactive, forward-looking national regulator is to ensure that the regulatory system is working and to regularly review it to ensure it is fit for purpose for the current context and for the future.

This consultation sets out the SGSA’s view on what safety means in today’s context, and how we believe it should be regulated.

This consultation is structured in two parts.

Part 1 sets out what safety means in this current context and explains the SGSA’s view that it includes counter-terrorism, prevention of crowd disorder and anti-social behaviour, and consideration of all people in the sports ground. This part will be of interest to all stakeholders.

Part 2 sets out the statutory powers the SGSA has and how we will use them to ensure reasonable safety at grounds which come under our regulatory remit. This part will be of interest to football clubs in the Premier and English Football Leagues, Wembley and the Principality Stadium, and the local authorities with responsibility for issuing certificates to those grounds.

The SGSA seeks the views of stakeholders on potential implications for local authorities, sports grounds, and the SGSA.

Further details and the consultation documents click here