Life In The Fast Stream

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I joined the SGSA in March 2017 for a six-month secondment as part of the Civil Service Fast Stream graduate programme.

I didn’t know what to expect when I found out I was being posted to the SGSA, never having heard of it! Conveniently, there was an Inspectors’ Meeting in London in my first week, which brought me up to speed quickly. I was hugely impressed by the wealth of knowledge and technical expertise held by the inspectorate, and the passion and commitment of everyone in the organisation to the SGSA’s cause.

The aim of completing a secondment posting is to gain experience in a different sector, and working at the SGSA has been surprisingly different to central government. To give one example, the workforce is very distinctive – central government tends to be full of generalists that move jobs every few years (like me!), so it’s nice to be in an organisation full of experts, and where many people stay for years.

I’m somehow already over halfway through my time at the SGSA – it’s been busily spent working on a number of projects, including analysing the responses to the Joint Consultation. I’ll be sad to leave the SGSA in the summer, but I have an exciting year working in No. 10 Downing Street to look forward to next!