SGSA Advice Following the Terrorist Incident on London Bridge

Following the terrorist attacks on London Bridge on Saturday 4 June, our thoughts are with all those affected by this terrible incident.

The threat level to the UK remains at SEVERE, this means an attack is highly likely.

The police are urging people to remain calm but vigilant and to report anything suspicious.

The SGSA’s advice is for sports grounds to remain vigilant and continue to review current safety and protective security measures and contingency plans. In particular, sports grounds may wish to consider reviewing protective measures for egress from grounds and vehicle-borne threats.

The SGSA has issued guidance on Planning for Dynamic Lockdown and Planning for Increased Threat Level Access and Egress, which have been developed in partnership with NaCTSO. Sports grounds can contact to receive a copy of the guidance documents.

The SGSA advises safety managers at sports grounds to review both guidance documents and consider whether any of the measures suggested are appropriate for their ground. In addition, safety managers may wish to review lessons learned from the steps taken at their ground when the threat level was raised to CRITICAL following the Manchester Arena attacks. Sports grounds are advised to develop an escalation plan for safety and protective security measures for use should the threat level change again in the future, or to review the escalation plans already in place.

In these challenging times, it is important to be alert to the mood in the crowd. Monitor crowd behaviour and reactions and be aware that people may be more sensitive to unexpected bangs and noises than usual. It is especially important that they are kept informed of anything that might potentially worry them and communications are clear and audible.


Planning for dynamic lockdown

Planning for increased threat level

Useful information

The NaCTSO website contains the latest updates and we recommend you review the information

Project Griffin
NaCTSO’s Project Griffin is a counter-terrorism awareness initiative to help organisations understand, reduce and respond to the threat.

Consider downloading CitizenAid, a free app designed to help people save lives immediately after an incident before the emergency services arrive. The app provides clear and simple actions to take following a shooting, stabbing or bomb incident and how to give life-saving first aid to the injured.

The SGSA will continue to liaise with the Government, NaCTSO, the UK Police Football Unit, the Football Authorities, sport governing bodies and other parties and will continue to share advice and good practice to ensure the safety of spectators at sports grounds remains a priority.