SGSA Response to Increased Threat Level

On Friday 15 September, the UK threat level was raised to CRITICAL, meaning an attack is expected imminently. Crowded places and sports grounds remain a potential target for terrorist activity.

The SGSA’s advice is for sports grounds to review current safety and protective security measures and contingency plans, and consider how these could be strengthened in the light of the threat level being raised to CRITICAL.

We encourage grounds to discuss safety and protective security measures and contingency plans with all parties, including the police, other emergency services, and the relevant local authority. This will be particularly important whilst the threat remains at CRITICAL.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) website provides the latest advice on protective security, including advice for security managers of crowded places following a change of threat level to CRITICAL.

Sports grounds may also find it useful to refer to the SGSA’s Guidance Note on Planning for Increased Threat Levels.

This guidance note has been developed by the SGSA in partnership with NaCTSO. It provides more specific guidance for sports grounds’ management in relation to the development of ingress and egress plans within their operations manual or event management plan during periods of heightened alert.

We continue to liaise with the Government, NaCTSO, the UK Football Policing Unit, the Football Authorities, sport governing bodies and other parties to ensure the safety of spectators at sports grounds remains a priority.