Nikki Rutherford

Recently retired SGSA staff member, Nikki Rutherford

We’ve sadly said goodbye to Nikki Rutherford, who retired at the end of October, after working at the SGSA for almost 20 years.

Nikki joined the then FLA to provide administrative support and to manage the licensing process for the 94 licences that are issued annually to football grounds, permitting the admission of spectators.

Nikki was first attracted to the role as it was a chance for her to indulge her passion of football on a daily basis. A lifelong Chelsea fan, the first game she attended was on 5 November 1966 at Stamford Bridge when Chelsea lost 1 -3 to Manchester United. Whilst her team has had its ups and downs over the years, Nikki has remained a steady presence in the sector for almost two decades.

In this time she has seen four SGSA/FLA Chairman and produced 127 sets of Board minutes, and has seen dramatic changes across football; fences have come down from grounds and football has become more female friendly, with more woman and girls going to games, women running the safety operation at grounds, female safety officers, stewards and even female SGSA Inspectors and Chief Executives.  

As well as managing the licensing process, Nikki was the editor of the newsletter, provided support for the Board and executive, organised the Christmas party, joint meetings, and much more.

Nikki has enjoyed her time at the SGSA and especially working directly with clubs during the licence period. Her knowledge of grounds and clubs is second to none and you definitely want her on your pub quiz team.

Nikki was an invaluable member of the team and will be sorely missed and we wish her a long and well-earned happy retirement.