Green Guide 6th Edition – final draft consultation

The front cover of 5th edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds

The much anticipated 6th edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, affectionally known as the Green Guide will be available for consultation in the coming weeks. 

The SGSA will be seeking views from across the safety at sports grounds sector on the final draft of the Green Guide to ensure the guidance reflects the arrangements at all sports grounds.

The Green Guide is used mainly by ground management, their professional advisors and the regulatory authorities to inform safety at sports grounds. The primary purpose is to provide guidance on the safe capacity, ie the number of spectators who can be accommodated during an event.

The Guide’s secondary purpose is to identify good practice and standards against which existing and proposed structures and systems can be assessed and if possible improved. As well as being a practical document for clubs and their professional advisers, it has become an international design guide and is widely used by designers of stadium around the world.

The 6th edition will take account of the improvements in the design and safety management of sports grounds since the current edition was published in 2008. It is not intended to alter the fundamental principles and purpose of the Guide or be used to ratchet up minimum standards, unless this is necessary on safety grounds.

Some of the new areas which are covered in the guide include:-

  • Extension of management responsibility from all spectators in the ground to all people present at the ground (including sports ground and sub-contracted, staff, media personnel, medical providers)
  • New guidance on the circulation and movement of spectators in those areas of the public domain that lie beyond the outer perimeter of the sports ground, but which are integral to the safe management of spectators and other personnel, both before and after an event, known as Zone EX.
  • Crowd modelling is now used by stadium designers to improve crowd flows in and around the stadiums. The new Green Guide sets out the parameters by which crowd modelling is used.
  • Fire engineering is used by stadium designers of the Green Guide, there will be more detail in an annex to follow, however there is a note of when and where fire engineering is best used.
  • More detailed guidance on concourses, plus an understanding of levels of service, density and loading on concourse wall.
  • Inclusion of smart stadia or lightbulb moment
  • Recognition of the role played by mobile devices and social media in safety management and communications in general
  • Concept of 'invacuation'. Stadiums must consider the implications of an incident outside the ground. Safety management options such as lockdown, partial evacuation and horizontal phased evacuation are explained.

Consultation on the final draft of the 6th edition will commence in the coming weeks and will be open until the end of April 2018.

We welcome feedback from everyone involved in keeping people safe at sports grounds.

If you would like to be informed once the consultation period opens, please email stating Green Guide Consultation in the subject header and provide your name, organisation and email address.