Large Spectator Flags

Very large spectator flags being unveiled and then passed over the heads of spectators from one end of a stand to the other create something of a spectacle and keep spectators "entertained" prior to a match. However, the practice does raise some safety issues which need to be balanced against the entertainment provided.

The SGSA is aware that the use of such flags is banned at some clubs, whereas at others their use is not only approved but the club also provides storage for what in some cases can be an extremely large flag.

The SGSA considers the question of whether or not to allow the use of such flags is best determined locally in discussion between the club, the certifying authority, the police and the emergency services within the forum of the Safety Advisory Group. This will enable all relevant local circumstances including the design of the stadium, the size, fabric and intended use of the flag and any other safety or public order considerations to be taken into account.